Roof Repairs and Maintenance

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Roof Repairs 

The ability to notice problems in roof early enough can save you a lot of time and money. This is why it is recommended that you contact Five Guy Construction to carry out regular roof inspection in your house to detect any inherent problems which might end up damaging your roof. But the good news is that you can detect most of these problems on your own then engage the experts so that they can offer lasting remedies to the problems. Below are some of the tale tell signs that you should watch out for indifferent types of roofs.

In order to understand the best maintenance suitable for your roof, it is important to understand the type of your roof. Roofs in Arizona are either made up of tiles, shingles, slates or foam. Though the tiles are expected to last for up to fifty years before weakening, you may notice dump areas on some sections of the roof. This will be an indication of either a slip or a leak in the tile arrangement. It is also possible that monsoons can dislodge the tiles or blow them away thus exposing the roof for more damages. In such a scenario, it is appropriate to consult Five Guys Construction in Gilbert, Arizona for the best roof repair available.

Slate roofs on the other hand last longer and they are more expensive than the tiles. The common signs to tell you that the slates require urgent attention are the formation of splits or cracks around its edges. In some cases, water may build up in between them and cause them to sag or budge outwards due to the weight of the water. It’s also possible to spot dump patches in the ceiling indicating possible water infiltration. Make it a habit to occasionally watch your flat roof and see if there is anything unusual with it. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, look for the best roof repair available and rectify the problem before it becomes huge and costly.

Five Guys Construction has license, trained professionals that can find and fix any leak, in any roof! We can get most roof repairs done in 1 day, and guarantee that repair for existing life of the roof. Give Us call at 480-892-5311 to get your roof repaired today!

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