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Common Foam Roof Problems to Watch Out For

It is possible to avoid the exorbitant cost of having to replace a whole foam roof if only you can be keen and notice the early warnings that your foam roof is deteriorating. This will put you in a position to commence the appropriate repairs which will stop further damage and save you a lot of money. You can notice the warning signs by yourself but if you find it a challenge, then there is no problem in consulting the services of professionals like Five Guys Construction to do a comprehensive audit on the status of your foam roof. Otherwise, you should always look for the following signs in order to preserve the integrity of your foam roof.

Leaks and water infiltration

It’s easy to identify water leaks or concentration of moisture in the foam roof. Look out for water sipping into the main house via the roof during rainy seasons or watch the ceiling board to see if you can notice some unusual patches. Water leaks indicate that the roof has been compromised and there could be a major problem with the foam work. Foam roof repair may thus be necessary. Such should never be ignored.

Foam Roof Blistering

Blistering will be experienced in foam roofs when the application has been compromised, or the cells in the foam have been damaged and water is present. During hot temperatures, the polyurethane can give the appearance of blister while at the same time detaching the roof components from one another. When the temperature reduces, the component won’t hold tightly to one another and this will necessitate a repair.

Foam Roof Punctures

A number of things can cause punctures to the roof especially on the foam roofs. This happens when the foam roof is severed as a result of a heavy object being placed on it or when they are hit with projectiles during harsh weather conditions like monsoons. Punctures will definitely allow water into the house and this can further reduce on the quality of the  foam roof. Punctures hence makes it necessary that you contact a form roof repair expert in Arizona to come and do the repairs before further damage is done.

Five Guys Construction has license, trained professionals that can inspect, find and fix any foam roof leak! We can offer replacement quote if necessary. We can get most roof repairs done in 1 day, and guarantee that repair for existing life of the roof. Give Us call at 480-892-5311 to get your foam roof repaired today!



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