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As far as home repairs and upkeep go, there are several tiers of issues that are addressed differently from one another. For example, on a lower tier for many homeowners, is the idea of oiling a creaky door: it’s an issue that might be annoying, but it poses no real repercussions if you leave it alone to keep on creaking.

On the other end of the spectrum—the high tier of home necessities—you’ll find something like a leak in your home’s foundation. If this isn’t addressed right away and properly with professional leak repair in Gilbert, AZ, you’re bound to suffer a wide array of consequences: consequences that are both damaging and costly.

What makes something like a simple leak an immediate issue? Take a look at some of the issues that can arise when your home is subject to unwanted leakage:

Foundation damage: Your home’s foundation is exactly that—the structure that the entire thing is built atop of! If you leave a foundation leak unchecked and allow it to continue damaging your home, you’ll be in for serious issues, including a sinking foundation and warping in your home. Allowing Five Guys Construction to tackle foundation leaks early on will serve to mitigate the damage done to your foundation, drastically reducing your cost of repairs.

Erosion: As we all know, prolonged water saturation can cause erosion. When the land around your home—or worse, the materials at the foundation of your home—begins to erode, you’ll be left with unwanted shifting and movement. Air pockets, shifting earth and foundation movement spell trouble for your home, however these intimidating issues can be quickly put to rest with foundation leak repair in Gilbert, AZ from Five Guys Construction.

Molding and mildew: Combine the heat of the Arizona climate with moisture in your basement and you’ve got the beginnings of mold and mildew outbreaks. In warm, moist areas of your home, mold and mildew will take hold, creating colonies that are not only irritating, they’re also potentially hazardous to your health. It’s best to avoid mold and mildew buildups at all cost by having Five Guys Construction correct the leak that’s causing moisture, otherwise, your mold or mildew issue could spread unseen throughout your home.

Material damage: When water meets wood, insulation or other homebuilding materials, the result usually isn’t pretty. Water has a tendency to severely compromise these materials after just a short period of exposure, which is why calling for leak repair in Gilbert, AZ at the first sign of moisture in your basement is the first step to preserving your home’s materials.

Any foundation leak—even the tiniest little flaw—can quickly develop into a bigger problem if left unchecked. Let Five Guys Construction help save you time, money and frustration by addressing your home’s foundation leaks today. After all, when there’s a top tier home problem staring you in the face, Five Guys is just a phone call away from fixing it the right way!


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