Invest in Roofing Services in Gilbert, AZ Before the Summer Storms Hit Your Home

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Five Guys Construction has been serving homeowners in Arizona long enough to see what happens to residential roofing when particularly bad summer storms roll through the region. From missing shingles to comprehensive water damage, the after effects of a heavy storm can lay waste to entire neighborhoods, leaving those affected homeowners seeking emergency roofing services in Gilbert, AZ.

But, for those homeowners who think proactively and act preemptively, summer storms aren’t necessarily something that you have to dread when they finally come barreling through. If you’re active in having your roof inspected by a Five Guys Construction professional and repaired to withstand the oncoming storms, you’ll fare better against most everything nature has to throw at you!

Standing up to the wind and rain

What makes summertime the most prolific time for severe storms and roofing damage? The short answer, is El Niño: a weather phenomenon that causes a huge high pressure draft to wash over the southern United States, bringing with it tremendous storms and heavy rainfalls.

This year, in 2014, El Niño is predicted to be incredibly strong, meaning more of a chance for southern states to be hit by large volumes of rain, high winds and torrential downpours. All of these factors will contribute to a major need for roofing services in Gilbert, AZ after the storm has passed.

But, the prime reason for storm damage is a lack of proper protection. For many homeowners, a passing storm is nothing to worry about—but after enough years of storms and enough damage to a roof, one good storm is all it takes to send a homeowner reeling! If you’re missing shingles, have a few cracked tiles, have clogged gutters and downspouts and your flashings aren’t maintained, you’re in for a dismal year against summertime storms!

The right steps to take

Defending your home against the wind and rain doesn’t necessarily mean getting a new roof put on your home—instead, it’ll likely mean that you have to address some issues that have naturally developed with age.

Two of the biggest culprits that Five Guys Construction finds when inspecting a roof are damaged materials and outdated flashings. Missing shingles, cracked tiles, warped metal, dried out shingles, etc.—these are all examples of material degradation and small pressure points that will undoubtedly fail when the weather bears down on them.

Flashings are an often overlooked part of the roof for many homeowners and it takes a keen eye to realize that anything is wrong. For example, if your home sports a chimney or ventilation system, it’s crucial that the flashings surrounding this system are in optimal condition, so as to not let water seep into your home and damage your roof in unseen ways!

First and foremost, call Five Guys Construction today to have your roof inspected thoroughly by a professional that knows what to look for. We’ll help you keep the water out, the wind at bay and your home intact when the sky opens up to drop torrential rains on you!

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