Five Reasons to Think About Home Additions in Gilbert, AZ from Five Guys Construction this Spring

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Are you running out of room in your current home? Need a place where you can escape from the rest of the family for some much-needed relaxation? For most people, it’s realizations like this that cause families to uproot their stakes and starch searching for a new home—in fact, people are often quite anxious to pack up their things and settle down in a new locale. But, long after the excitement that a change of scenery can provide, there’s the overhanging struggle of finances and the question of whether or not you’ve made the right choice in moving.

People often feel like moving is the only way to recoup precious real estate that they’ve lost in their current home, but there’s a far more affordable and convenient way to make the most of what you’ve got: home additions in Gilbert, AZ. Take a look at five reasons you should be thinking about a home addition from Five Guys Construction instead of shopping the real estate market this spring:

You’ll add value to your existing home. You’ve been paying your mortgage for a number of years now and you’ve become comfortable in the house that you’ve made for yourself. Why move when you could simply expand? Building a new home addition is a great way to put something back into your home, so that someday when the time does come to sell it, you’ll get a little something more in your pocket when the paperwork finally goes through.

You can choose your optimal accommodations. When you go house shopping, you’re looking for a home that meets your needs, above all else. When you’re building home additions in Gilbert, AZ, however, you’re creating a solution to your exact needs. Whether you’ve got an elderly family member moving in who needs a room or you’re envisioning a reading room where you can curl up with a good book, what you need is what you’ll get with a new addition from Five Guys Construction.

It’s cheaper than a new home. If you’re in need of more space in your home, chances are, when looking for a new house, you’ll be looking to scale up. As you’re probably very well aware, scaling up the size of the house generally also means scaling up the cost, meaning you’ll pay much more when it comes to buying a bigger home, as opposed to laying the foundation for a new addition.

No displacement. Moving isn’t a very enjoyable process—you have to pack up your life, transport it from one locale to another, unpack it and get everything in order. The entire process can take weeks and can displace even the most routine individual from their lifestyle. If you’re moving a family, the situation is only exacerbated, making home additions in Gilbert, AZ an obvious choice for stress avoidance.

You can’t put a price on familiarity. When you move, you give up a lot of comforts that you might not realize until they’re gone. From moving kids to different schools, to shopping at an unfamiliar grocery store, even the littlest things can have a profound effect on your life when you decide to move. If you’re not ready to cope with these changes, a new home addition can help to tide you over until that day in the future when you’re ready to make that step.

If you’re short on space, take some time to consider your options and remember that moving isn’t a cure-all for cramped quarters. Consult with a Five Guys Construction general contractor today about how a home addition can improve your quality of life, without uprooting you and your family.

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