Four Reasons to Consider Home Additions in Gilbert, AZ by Five Guys Construction

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As a homeowner, adding an addition to your home probably isn’t at the top of your “to-do” list these days. You’re probably more concerned with cleaning out the garage, replacing your outdated windows with some energy efficient models or getting your basement converted into a rec room. And while all of these things may seem a bit more pressing than adding an addition to your home, what you may not realize is that with new home additions in Gilbert, AZ, comes a world of benefits and possibilities that you may never have surmised!

Take a look at four great reasons to add a new addition to your home and how Five Guys Construction can help you make this idea a reality:

Space to grow: If you have a family that’s growing by the year or you’re in a situation where your existing home isn’t big enough as is, home additions in Gilbert, AZ can go a long way towards giving you the space you desperately need. Whether it’s adding another bedroom for a child that’s growing out of a shared space or giving yourself a much-needed home office to work out of, adding to your home instead of buying a brand new house will save you time, effort and money, while providing the crucial benefits you need.

Adding value: Nothing shows the value of a home like the improvements that are made to it—specifically larger improvements that drastically change the dynamic of a home. Just like putting in new hardwood floors or remodeling your kitchen is going to raise the value of your home, having Five Guys Construction help you with a new home addition is going to equally valuate your living space. If you bought your home with two bedrooms and sell it with three, you can believe that the addition is going to generate an extra windfall if and when you sell your home.

Space utilization: Just like a growing family needs extra space, so do families and homeowners with changing tastes. When you buy your home, you have certain needs and wants in mind, but over time, these things are likely going to change. Where you once wanted a man cave, you may now want a workshop; a child’s bedroom may now be a guest bedroom; and so on. When your tastes change, you need room to accommodate these new ventures. Adding a sun room to your home will give you the quiet space you desire; putting in an extra bedroom can help to house frequent relatives; and adding onto a room like the kitchen can give you space to explore your new passion.

Space optimization: While being able to utilize extra space in your home is a value in and of itself, optimizing that space to fit your needs is a benefit all its own! Have you always wanted that rec room in your basement, but can’t seem to clear out everything down there? Adding a new home addition will give you the space you need to house these items, freeing up one area by providing another! The same holds true for someone looking to create a home office—perhaps you already have a space, but you’re sharing it with other things? With new space handy in your home, you can make the move to a secluded new office or take back your original space by utilizing the addition!

With all of these benefits and so many more stemming from new home additions in Gilbert, AZ, there’s no reason not to talk to a Five Guys Construction contractor today about adding space to your home!

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