Call a Construction Company in Gilbert, AZ Before Starting Any Home Remodeling Projects

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It can be tempting, as a homeowner, to start to adventure into the world of DIY home improvements—after all, it’s your house; why shouldn’t you be able to put your nose to the grind and shape it with your own hands? While we at Five Guys Construction applaud homeowners who want to get down to the bare beams of their home and start their own DIY projects, it’s always a good idea to do some stringent research before attempting your next major home renovation. In fact, there’s no reason not to consult a construction company in Gilbert, AZ, like Five Guys Construction, before you get too entrenched in your next home upgrade.

Why consult a construction company or general contractor? Simple: it’ll save you time and money in the long run, as well as provide you with some baseline do’s and don’ts that you can keep in mind if you’re going at the project alone.

Determining the scope of work

Have you ever ordered a portion of food that looks like it won’t be enough, only to realize that your eyes were bigger than your stomach and your plate has too much on it? That’s exactly what happens to a lot of DIY home improvers when they approach a project. What seems like a few days work can easily turn into a few weeks worth, requiring far more effort than was originally perceived.

Consulting a construction company in Gilbert, AZ before getting to work on a major home undertaking will allow you to get a real scope of work, from someone who understands exactly what needs to be done. What you may see as a quick job, another contracting professional may see as a much larger undertaking. It’s always good to know your scope of work before walking into a job and Five Guys Construction can help you make an accurate prediction.

Feasibility and permissibility

Let’s say that you’ve got a great idea for a brand new patio in your backyard and you’re about to get started on the job. Does your patio need a building permit? Does it comply with zoning laws? Will there be enough space in your backyard once it’s built? These are the questions that many people forget to ask themselves before undertaking massive projects—especially when it comes to zoning and building permits.

Having a construction company in Gilbert, AZ evaluate your plans for feasibility and permissibility before you get started can save you the headache of realizing that your grand plan has holes in it later down the line!

A professional helping hand

Undertaking a DIY project doesn’t always mean that you have to go at it alone—sometimes, it can mean taking credit for a great new idea you’ve brought into your home. When you let a company like Five Guys Construction help you plan out your next home renovation or construction project, you may find that it’s easier to let the professionals take care of the heavy lifting. In the end, you’re guaranteed a great finished product, without any reason to doubt its integrity or longevity.

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