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Whether it’s a beautiful tile floor in your kitchen, a sleek tile design in your bathroom or even the tile in your sunroom, this material is more than just an alternative to other flooring options. Tile is extremely easy to clean and maintain, versatile when it comes to design and can be readily serviced by a company like Five Guys Construction when it begins to show signs of damage or wear. In short, tile is one of the most popular flooring options in homes today.

But, as a homeowner, you’re only truly able to reap the aesthetic and practical benefits of tile in your residence if it’s properly maintained and kept in great condition. Cracked tiles, chipped edges or grout contamination will quickly diminish the appearance of your tile and, along with looking bad, you can expect exacerbated issues if the problems aren’t quickly resolved.

When it comes to tile restoration services in Gilbert, AZ, the scope of what’s required to keep your materials in pristine condition isn’t all too vast. Generally, there are minor tile repairs and major ones.

Minor tile repair

Minor tile repair can generally be undertaken when your tile shows slight visible signs of duress. You may have a few chipped tiles here and there as a result of accidently dropping a heavy object on them, or in other cases, stains and water saturation can begin to show in the grout between individual tiles. In situations like these, what defines minor tile repair is the amount of work needed to restore the quality of your tile.

Replacing a couple of chipped tiles or treating the grout with an industrial abrasive cleaner will usually get the job done when it comes to minor tile restoration services in Gilbert, AZ. Often times, a professional from Five Guys Construction can undertake minor tile repairs in as little as a couple of hours, leaving you with a tile floor that looks freshly installed.

Major tile repair

When the damage to your tiles is clearly visible and widespread in nature, some heavier lifting may be required to properly restore your surface. Often times, major tile repair is needed after sustained damage to a tile surface or the tile formation itself has been disrupted. If you’ve recently installed a new toilet in your bathroom, for example, the tile around the area of the fresh installation may be displaced or cracked because of the labor involved.

In other cases, water damage that occurs underneath tiling—many times due to poor installation the first time around or the lack of a grout sealant—can create tremendous problems that require tiling to be ripped up before the problem can be addressed. In any case, when a large area of tile (or perhaps the entire tiled area) needs to be replaced, a Five Guys Construction professional will likely spend much more time performing tile restoration services in Gilbert, AZ.

Avoiding issues

Tile is resilient, but not indestructible—as many homeowners come to find out over time. The best way to avoid having to seek tile restoration services in Gilbert, AZ is to regularly maintain your tile surfaces and ensure that they’re not undertaking excess abuse over time. Eventually, all tiles will need repairs and restoration—that time frame is almost entirely dependent on how well you keep it.

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