Five Things to Keep in Mind for Your Kitchen Remodel in Gilbert, AZ

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Being able to undertake a kitchen remodel in Gilbert, AZ is a dream come true for many homeowners. Often times, your kitchen is a hub for a wide variety of household activities, from gathering for meals to entertaining guests or family. And, because the kitchen is used so frequently, for so many different reasons, it becomes the center of attention for homeowners seeking to make improvements to their homes.

If you’re thinking about remodeling your kitchen, Five Guys Construction has five crucial things to keep in mind—not taking these items into consideration could leave you feeling cheated out of your dream kitchen when all is said and done:

Consider space: It’s easy to envision a bounty of brand new amenities and appliances when you’re planning out a kitchen remodel in Gilbert, AZ—in fact, that’s half the fun! But, before you start rationing out space to new cabinets, refrigerators, countertops and islands, be sure to consider your available space beforehand. In many cases, it’s possible to expand the size of your kitchen, but trying to pack in too many new additions can leave you feeling cramped after the renovations are all in place. Leave space to move around, dole out space accordingly and if necessary, forgo something on your list if you’re not ready to give up the space it requires.

Be mindful of materials: Ask any homeowner to design their dream kitchen and there’s a good chance that many of the answers you get will include things like marble countertops and real wood cabinets. While these materials are certainly worthy of a dream kitchen, unfortunately the budget isn’t always there to make them a reality. Consider the materials you want in your new kitchen and be sure that they’re worth your investment. You may be just fine spending the money on expensive materials like stone or real wood, but it’s important to understand these costs upfront.

Versatility: As mentioned above, your kitchen is a hub for an assortment of activities. Be sure that your new kitchen can support all of these purposes and keep in mind that this isn’t just a room for cooking or eating. Your kitchen should have plenty of space for maneuverability, be accommodating to more than just two or three people and should absolutely be accessible from other rooms. Too often people design their new kitchen based on one aspect of its functionality, rather than considering all of the different roles that a kitchen plays in homeownership.

Evaluate trends: When it comes to a kitchen remodel in Gilbert, AZ, you’ll find no shortage of trends sweeping the Internet and other design outlets. Many times, it can be exciting to find a trend that you like, but remember this: the kitchen you design is likely the kitchen you’ll be stuck with for the next decade or more. Be sure that all of the implementations you’re thinking about will stand the test of time and remain practical for as long as you have that kitchen. It’s easy to fall in love with a renovation fad today and reconsider it a few years down the line. Give your choices some thought and pick the trends that you know you’ll love forever.

Get an estimate: One of the most important things to remember before having your kitchen remodeled is to get an estimate from your contractor, in writing. When you’re working with Five Guys Construction this will never be a problem, but if you’re looking to shop around or compare, a written estimate is a necessity. Failing to get an estimate could mean paying far more than you bargained for when renovations wrap up on your new kitchen.

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